Cabernet Sauvignon (cab-er-nay saw-vin-yawn) is one of the world’s most widely recognised red wine grape varieties. It is grown in nearly every major wine-producing country among a diverse spectrum of climates. The birth of Cabernet Sauvignon is thought to have occurred in 17th century France. It came about, it appears, by accident, when Cabernet Franc met Sauvignon Blanc. What a happy accident that turned out to be! It became popular during the 18th century, planted most prolifically in the Bordeaux region of Medoc. While Bordeaux is its home, Cabernet Sauvignon is rarely made as a straight varietal wine there, more often blended with Cabernet Franc and/or Merlot.

Cabernet Sauvignon was brought to Australia in 1824 and has thrived across the country particularly in South Australia’s Coonawarra and Western Australia’s Margaret River. It does particularly well here in our cool climate vineyard in Murrumbateman and is one of our most awarded varieties here at Shaw Wines (over 160 awards received across 12 vintages).

If you’re serving lamb, Cabernet is its favourite wine partner, thanks to the tannins, which cut through the rich, fatty meat. Hard cheeses are another classic pairing and it also matches well with dishes featuring warm, earthy spices such as Moroccan food. Avoid anything with bitterness. Credit – Wine Selectors It is International Cabernet Sauvignon Day on August 30. So raise a glass to this well-known variety!

Cabernet Sauvignon bottle