November 7 is International Merlot Day and here at Shaw Wines, we do love our Merlot. This second most planted grape in the world (behind Cabernet Sauvignon of course), has been a consistent winner for Shaw Wines, adding trophies and gold medals to our awards cabinet. Recently our 2017 Estate Merlot won Best in Show by Varietal at the 2020 London International Wine Show.

We have just over seven (7) acres of Merlot planted in our vineyard and our Merlots are slightly fuller-bodied than a typical Merlot with rich plum fruit flavours. Perfectly matched with pizza or pasta dishes, a great roast lamb, duck or quail.

Some interesting facts about Merlot:

  • The word ‘Merlot’ means ‘young blackbird’ in French. It is believed that French winemakers either gave Merlot its name because of the beautiful blue-black colour of the Merlot grape or because the blackbird likes grape.
  • Merlot is responsible for one of the most expensive wines in the world – Château Petrus. Made from 100% Merlot grapes since 2010, this Bordeaux-produced wine is outstanding, with prices beginning at around $2,700 a bottle. In 2011, a Château Petrus from the 1961 vintage sold at auction for a record high of AUD $189,000.

While our 2018 Estate Merlot won’t set you back as much as a Château Petrus, it is a delicious drop.